• One year ago, I suffered something called Transient Global Amnesia (temporary memory loss). My body literally shut down. The long hours, work levels, the constant pressure I was putting myself under and all the thoughts in my head, just caused my bod

  • Learning something new everyday is amazing. Even if the experience isn’t quite what you expect. Today I demonstrated to my children why not to agree to ridiculous forfeits when playing games of chance; As it has consequences if you lose. Mine was; wh

  • Someone asked me the other day about my achievements and I couldn’t answer the question. I then realised some of the most precious things and achievements in your life are right there in front of you! Don’t underestimate the importance of the things,

  • I was privileged to celebrate with over 20 couples at their weddings. I was honoured to marry my beautiful wife on our 11 year anniversary. On the amazing Clearwater Beach with two very special friends and the blessing of Hulk Hogan! Sadly it saw us.