What Clients Say

I joined a group discussion recently where Chris lead us through his background and shared with us his journey to becoming a practitioner. He helped me with an anxiety issue I had been having with a calm and well thought out approach to how I could handle my situation differently. At the earliest opportunity I used Chris’ technique and it left me in a happier place after putting his technique to use. If you have the opportunity, please get in contact with Chris, you’ll be dealing with someone who has a warm and gentle nature but also someone with the knowledge to guide you forward.

Shaun, Compliance Officer From London

Chris, following our group meeting about how small actions can help you find purpose and fulfilment; I went shopping and bought, double for myself and the lady next door, she is 80 and self isolating on her own. She didn’t ask me and It wasn’t much, just basic essentials, i was expecting her to say, oh thanks it’s ok i’m fine but she accepted and was so overjoyed, i’m sure a tear came to her eye. This possibly brought me more happiness than her. It is the best I’ve felt since this pandemic started.

Thanks for such a simple way to feel great!

John – IT Consultant- London