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I never really knew what I was here for. At school, at college, at work, I was just doing what I thought I was supposed to do. Did I find it interesting? Yeah, it was okay. Did it light me up inside? Absolutely, not; And strangely enough, I repeatedly followed the same pattern.

I worked hard to excel and aspired to be the best, chasing promotions and wanting to achieve at whatever I did. This didn’t always happen, and I became frustrated, working longer hours, becoming more and more critical and harder on myself; especially if I saw others succeed.

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What’s included in this eBook:

  • What is Fulfilment
  • Clarity – Find your truth, Seek your purpose, set your goals
  • What are the key areas of your life
  • Who are you
  • What are your values and beliefs and how are they serving you
  • What’s your purpose
  • Goal Setting
  • Creating a daily routine of positivity




    • One year ago, I suffered something called Transient Global Amnesia (temporary memory loss). My body literally shut down. The long hours, work levels, the constant pressure I was putting myself under and all the thoughts in my head, just caused my body to crash. It......

    • Learning something new everyday is amazing. Even if the experience isn’t quite what you expect. Today I demonstrated to my children why not to agree to ridiculous forfeits when playing games of chance; As it has consequences if you lose. Mine was; whoever wins, gets......

    • Someone asked me the other day about my achievements and I couldn’t answer the question. I then realised some of the most precious things and achievements in your life are right there in front of you! Don’t underestimate the importance of the things, people or......


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