One year ago

One year ago

One year ago, I suffered something called Transient Global Amnesia (temporary memory loss). My body literally shut down. The long hours, work levels, the constant pressure I was putting myself under and all the thoughts in my head, just caused my body to crash.

It really knocked me. I found myself struggling to put my thoughts into words. I couldn’t remember simple things and I completely lost my confidence and felt so alone and did not know how to talk about it.

I left my job and although I wanted to go and start a new job, my head and body just wouldn’t connect.

I started working with a coach and it really helped me start putting my life back together.

Today, it does cross my mind about what if it happens again? But it is a small moment because I know I have a lot to be grateful for rather than worry about something that may never happen.

I am very lucky to have great friends, a fantastic life coach, a wonderful family and a beautiful wife and two amazing daughters that I Love unconditionally.

I am now studying to be a counsellor and am a fully accredited coach and I will share more about this very soon …….

Enjoy your day and be grateful for what you have!

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