As we leave 2019,I have reflected on the past ten years.

As we leave 2019,I have reflected on the past ten years.

I was privileged to celebrate with over 20 couples at their weddings.

I was honoured to marry my beautiful wife on our 11 year anniversary. On the amazing Clearwater Beach with two very special friends and the blessing of Hulk Hogan!

Sadly it saw us say good bye to the eldest generation in our families, who are a constant inspiration and never forgotten. However, it also saw the start of the next generation which currently stands at 8 nieces and nephews. Sarah and I became proud God Parents.

We have also been blessed with our own family and have two amazing daughters that fill my life with love everyday.

The decade saw me change a 20 year career to launch a Lettings company with great success; Showing anything is possible if you want it.

I have also struggled, with stress and depression which has taken me to some interesting but dark places. I am thankful for this as it has led me to take action and find my new path for 2020 which I am very excited about and look forward to sharing very soon.

Sending you my very best for the new year and enjoy the moment. Make 2020 the year that sets you up for the next decade!

Cheers Chris. X

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